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Patient Testimonials

"I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for the excellent treatment I recently received.  As you know, I had severe acute pain in my left foot as well as my right shoulder.  After receiving the information on the ESWT treatment I decided it was worth the investment in my health.  Although I had been to my family doctor who recommended a combination of traditional physical therapy, deep tissue massage therapy and anti inflammatories, I was unable to receive any long lasting benefits and thought my severe pain was something "I would just have to learn to live with".

Although the ESWT treatments were a little uncomfortable at times, at no time was the pain severe and after only two treatments I started to see a great improvement. Now that it has been several months since my last treatment I would say I am 90% back to normal and can go about my regular work activities and experience virtually no pain.  I also enjoy walking, bicycling and tennis and find I can now do them without any pain.  That is amazing!

I would highly recommend shockwave therapy to anyone who has experienced chronic pain and has not been able to get help anywhere else. "

Yours truly,
Amber A,
Red Deer


"Fantastic! Wonderful! Amazing! - These are a few of the words I would pick to describe the shockwave therapy you recommended for me. Because of my bad knees, hip and lower back I thought my days of participating in sports and going to work pain free were gone. After receiving the third treatment for ESWT I felt 100% better and would urge everyone to try shockwave if they are experiencing chronic pain. Your staff did an excellent job in explaining the likelihood of successful treatment and what your treatment program entailed. I am so thankful you have this technology as I was either looking at surgery or going through the rest of my life in a great deal of pain. I was able to avoid both of these unpleasant scenarios by undergoing ESWT treatment and thank you and your staff for having the expertise and know how to assist people such as myself."

Brandon P.
Calgary, Alberta


"I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for the excellent services you provided for both my teenage son and me. My biggest complaint was chronic tennis elbow. Although I did receive temporary relief from a deep tissue massage therapist my condition would constantly "flare up" making it almost impossible for me to do my job as well as run a busy household. The thing I find most satisfying about ESWT is that it was not a temporary treatment but has permanently fixed my problems. It has now been over a year since my last treatment and never once have my elbows hurt again. I was a little skeptical at first as I had not heard of this new technology but after having done some research and meeting with you I was prepared to get serious about my condition and am so glad that I did. Anyone who has painful feet, knees, back or shoulder/elbow problems should seriously look into this remarkable treatment. "

Best Regards,
Michelle S.
Edmonton, Alberta

The preceding patient testimonials are provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered to represent a typical or ordinary experience for those who choose to undergo ESWT treatment. Patient testimonials are anecdotal and should not be considered scientific, factual or as an indication of the effectiveness of ESWT for your particular condition. Any person or individual considering or wishing to ascertain the scientific merits regarding the effectiveness of ESWT should rely on scientific studies published in accepted medical journals.


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