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Shockwave therapy is especially effective in treating the following conditions:

  • Feet (heel spur/plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, etc.)

Calcaneal spur, mostly chronic, painful inflammation under the heel. Achilles tendon and occasional stress bumps at its insertion at the back of the heel. Mortons Neuroma, irritated nerve often in the ball of the foot.

  • Toe (Hallux Limitus)

Painful irritation and lack of movement of the great toe joint which can cause problems with hip and low back alignment which can result in significant pain and discomfort.

  • Elbow (tennis/golfers elbow)

Painful irritation of the elbow.

  • Shoulder (calcific tendinosis of the shoulder)

Painful restriction of movement of the shoulder tendon/muscle attachments.

  • Knee (patellar tendonitis)

Pain under the kneecap.

  • Lower Leg (shin splint syndrome)

Pain under strain of the shin.

  • Upper Leg (Iliotibial band friction syndrome)

Inflammation of the tendon/muscle attachments of the upper leg.

  • Back Pain (lumbar and cervical spine pathologies, chronic muscular pain, etc. )

Chronic pain throughout the back region caused by contracted muscles. Trigger Point Shock Wave Therapy (TSWT) using ESWT can release tight/contracted muscles thus removing pressure from nerves, disks and joints of the back.

  • Bones (delayed unions, non-unions, etc.)

Slow-healing bones or non-healing bones following a fracture or surgery.

  • Chronic Tendons and Ligaments sprains/strains

Complaints involving insertion or attachment points for tendons and ligaments in major joints such as the shoulder-rotator cuff, elbow, hip, knee and so forth.

  • Musculoskeletal

Other musculoskeletal conditions particularly those dealing with connective tissues and bone attachment.

  • Hip (bursitis, intra-extrarotation and other hip pathologies)

Chronic pain in hip region caused by bursitis, flexion-extension of the hip or other pathologies.

  • Other

ESWT has also proven beneficial for the treatment of chronic skin lesions, myofascial pain syndrome, burn injuries , peyronie's disease, reduction of scar tissue, etc.


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