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Radial Shockwaves in The Treatment of
Chronic Muscular Pain of The Bock:
Clinical Application And First Clinical Results

Maier M., Meurer T., Oberammergau, Germany
Radial shockwaves are in clinical use far the treatment af chranic muscular pain af the back. This kind af therapy is named "trigger paint shack wave applicatian".
In the present pilat study 16 patients are included until taday. AU af them presented with chranic muscular back pain and with positive trigger points in the muscles of the back. All patients received 5 to 7 sessions of radial shock waves (2000- 3000 pulses a session, 2,0 bar, 6 to 8 Hz). No local anaesthesia was used. Ultrasound jelly was used as coupflng medium. Pain intensity was determined before, 6 weeks and 12 weeks after radial shock wove application using the Visual Analog Scale 'IAS) from 0 points (minimum pain) to 10 points (maximum pain). At both time points following the treatment the value of the VAS improved compared to the measurement before treatment. No major side effects were observed.
Following the present pilot study "trigger point shock wove application" seems to achieve good clinical results in patients with chronic muscular pain of the back, However, the number of patients is low, the follow-up period is short and the patient population is inhomogeneous. Therefore, more detailed clinicol studies must be carried out until the general benefit of radial shock waves for chronic muscular pain of the back might be recommended in general. Furthermore it is important to analyse possible side effects systematically.

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