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Treatment of Shoulder Pathologies With ESWT

Paulo F. Kerliman, São Paulo, Brasil
This paper is about the treatment of shoulders calcification of supraspinatus and subscapularis tendons and "frozen' shoulder with ESWT.
We use and Orthima-Direx device and treat patients with at least six months with pain and no good results with traditional treatments and surgical indication.
We do not use anaesthesia, we do the localization of the point of treatment with palpation of the shoulder and all of the cases have good xray and ultrasound documentation.
We make 1500 shock waves (300 level 1 low energy, 300 level 2 medium energy, 400 level 3 medium energy and 500 hundred level 4 high energy) anr repeat after 3 and 6 weeks We treat 35 patients beiween 2003 and 2004, 30 patients with supraspinatus calcification, 2 with subsacapularis and 3 with frozen shoulder. After treatment we make x-ray after 2 months, 6 months and one year.
On the patients with supraspinatus qe have firs improvement of pain and movement and after progressive reabsorption of the calcium deposits in 25 (80 %) of the 30 patients after at least one year of treatment. On the 2 cases of subscapularis calcification we have good results and on the 3 cases of frozen shoulder in 2 we have after 3 months no more pain and progressive better movements.
We conclude that ESWT on shoulder chronic pathologies is very safe and has very good results.

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